10 Weekend Plans with Alex 十個單身貴族週末饗樂計劃

Lots of people complained to me about no where to go during weekends as single ladies or men. Voila, here are 10 plans I recommend for you. As a single guy for so many years, I need to admit it's a bit lonely sometimes, but it's also a good time to do a lot of activities without others intervention or opinions. From exercise to coffee, you will definitely find an activity to enjoy! XX

最近常被身邊的朋友抱怨說週末不知道要去哪裡,尤其單身的姐妹哥們更容易有這個問題。沒關係Alex 在這邊整理出10個週末享樂計劃,提供你玩樂想法。因為單身雖然有時候寂寞空虛,但其實也是最自由的時光,想幹嘛就幹嘛也不需報備,無拘無束,一個禮拜上班很累了,不妨利用週末好好充實自己,準備下週的滿滿正面力量:)

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 1.Exercise 運動

As scientists all show the statistics of the positive effects from sports, I really think exercise is the best medicine for bad mood. When you are upset, just grab your earphones for a quick run, and everything will really be "alright!"

2. Bath 泡澡

Before I always though taking a bath is time-consuming activity, but I was wrong. After one time going to a hotel, playing my favorite Closing Time, I deeply fell in love with bathing! It is so relaxing that all the pressure and anxiety are washed away by the water and your singing. Plz try to do this in weekend and it will definitely make you feel GOOD!

3.  Eat with old friends 找老朋友吃飯
Old friends are like old wine, always give you the best feeling and memory. No plans for coming weekend, dial your old friends numbers like Carrie (I m more old school), and put on your favorite clothes on to hang have meals with them.

4. Cafe Read Time 喝咖啡看雜誌
Nowadays people are too busy to work and forget to relax and READ! Too much Facebook, too less real book. So I found out going to a Cafe is a good way to force yourself to calm down and read. Forget your cellphone, just wear casually and grab a book or magazine to a cafe, and order a Latte to enjoy.
5.Cooking 煮飯
Cooking is a really good activity to make you concentrate on one thing. Cuz you won't have time to check your cellphones, you have to focus on the meal you are going to eat. By every method, you will gradually feel satisfied with those food you really produced!
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Party ain't bad thing!! Party is a good way to social with people and workout.(Cuz you gotta dance and stand for a long time XD) Just remember to go with your good friend and drink adequate amount, then you will have a perfect weekend!

7. Book Store Shopping逛書店
You have shopped lots of clothes and bags recently, but when is the last time you bought a book? Trust me, a book is the most economic way to make you beautiful from inside to outside. Go to a book store a find some inspirations.

8. Go to Museums or galleries逛美術館博物館
Maybe you don't like books, but you still have vivid books which are all in museums! No matter the art of historical, there is always one waiting for you to discover!

9. Travel with BFF找朋友都市旅行
First you can take a look at my Taipei Playlist (also with Taichung and Kaohsiung, see my Alist Tag)
10. Movie & Series 影集電影馬拉松
I know sometimes you want to be like a couch potato, cocooning in a big blanket, watching TV! That's a good choice for weekends for sure (Don't do it too much or you will feel bad~) Just remember to take some rest between movies, and remember to eat some healthy snacks so you won't feel guilty afterwards!
我能理解有時後週末就是想耍廢躺在沙發上!我也愛,可以看我挑的奧斯卡電影清單影集清單(最近愛看Unbreakable Kimmy),週末來個馬拉松,記得要起來動一動,不要吃太多垃圾食物,不然你接下來上班只會後悔為何吃這麼多哈哈哈

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