Met Gala 2015 China: through the "stereotype" looking glass

(All photos from VOGUE.Com)

Honestly, this year is the best Met Gala EVER! It made me burst into laughter while browsing through Instagram, seeing who wore incredible(or terrifying) dress to Met. As a Taiwanese cultivated in Chinese culture for so many year(Yes, we Taiwanese actually got more traditional China culture because we don't have Cultural revolution), I just wanna say they are so many "stereotype" about the eastern world. It doesn't mean you wear something embroidered with dragon, flowers, or fire then it's Chinese culture. You can find your inspiration from the Chinese Temple, history book, and some paintings from National Palace Museum.
Well, just like we eastern people will think European wearing big skirt and lace. We both need to learn more to understand each other's culture.I still really appreciate what Met & Vogue do to make people discover more Asian designers, and our cultures. It's always good to start a attempt for new style, isn't it? (Or get an omelette like Rihanna )

今年的MET GALA是我看過最精彩的一次,害我當天看instagram一直狂笑,中國風真的會逼死這些老外,讓莎拉變哪吒,蕾哈娜變歐姆蛋。就是刻板印象讓大家一直抓不到文化精隨,就像如果我們半個複古歐洲宮廷風,大家一定也是臉塗白戴假髮穿蓬裙吧!大家就要互相體諒,多去從雕塑,歷史書籍,和藝術畫作找更深層的意義。還是很感謝MET跟VOGUE辦這場活動讓更多人能認識華人文化和華人新銳設計師,主要重點會放在穿著成功的明星(因為這次良率太低,穿失敗的遠多於好看的,不知從何說起XDD)

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First, let's see the pioneer of western celebrity wearing oriental cloth and it's Victoria! She must shook her glass at home, said this to Beckham" I have already wore this before, you are too late!"
 Queen Bee without doubt! beautiful flowers(Well a bit Japanese), but the color perfectly fit her skin, and the clutch matched the outfit. Btw, does someone also see her as Anna Kendrick XDDD

Georgia doesn't belong to US, but China this time(Ok I know it's not funny but that's my limit), perfect gown, beautiful hair, the only pity is she looked like pissed off (I think we Asian people smile a lot haaaa)

 Rita, good choice! She used the collar elaborately correspond to the theme. 
Helen, you are the limelight of this event! Anna would be really glad you came here to save her party.
 Lauren, you nailed it with this stunning yellow gown. Glad she chose black shoes to match
Well they should play this music as soundtrack cuz everyone is wearing red like CNY XD
Lauren完美的詮釋年輕中國風,黃色選擇很棒(整場紅到爆,只差沒播新年快樂罐頭歌了,應該播了老外會很嗨,還會說This is so cool!)

I like Alexa choosing flats to make the dress with cuteness & youth. But the hair and makeup made her like sleeping for only 1 hour last night.
Alexa選擇平底鞋我很喜歡,有種年輕俏皮感,但她的妝髮讓她像是前天只睡一小時就趕來MET GALA,可能前晚看影集吃太多中式外帶食物(在紐約遊學時我超愛這樣)
Rihanna is so controversial. She is like an egg we all know, but actually if you look her from the front, the gown is really exquisite, and the crown beautifully light up her. I think her cut board for inspiration must have this photo.
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Since it's Friday, Let's use a omelette brunch for coming weekend! TGIF

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