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Who hasn't been single for a while, hanging all days with best friends? Sometimes after a devastating  heartbreak or shitty blind dates, all you want to do is having a hot tea, lying on the couch by yourself. No matter you want to party hard with BFFs, or wrap yourself in a blanket watching Sex & the city, here are 10 songs I select for all single people like me to be single & fabulous every day.



1.Stay with me
This song is perfect for people tired of one-night stand, because all we need in the end is love not just sex. Sam really has the talent singing through people's souls with his emotional vocal touching people's deepest feeling in their hearts.
這首歌是2014我最愛的神曲,年紀輕輕的Sam把一夜情後的空虛唱得淋漓盡致,畢竟大家最中渴望的還是愛情而不是簡單的肉體需求,他的聲音很有穿透力,完全不輸Adele,把每個人內心中最敏感的情感召喚出來,跟著他一起唱Won't you stay with meeeeee! 夜深人靜聽很催淚
2. All by myself
This is the classic single song for decades since its appearance in Bridget Jones' diaries haaa. Especially love the lyrics"When I was young, I never needed anyone, And making love was just for fun.Those days are gone" which making people wanna laugh but also so true about being single!
這首歌是經典,當看到電影裡芮妮跟著音樂搖著紅酒唱,就會想在家裡跟著一起大唱,像瘋子一樣大喊All by myself,然後看電影喝熱飲到睡著哈哈,影片如下

3.Someone like you

 Adele's voice is like an angel soothing your broken heart. Love makes us fool, wanting our beloved one back, hoping them come back. But the only thing we could do is bless them and wish to find someone like you again to make us alive.

This song is my favorite from 90s! Once I heard this from GLEE, I immediately know this is my song! "That's what's going on, nothings right, I'm torn." when Natalie sang that, I felt like I could see the man I like clearly making me torn.

Try's lyrics really touched my heart. Especially when Pink used her powerful voice singing"But just because it burns
Doesn't mean you're gonna die
You've gotta get up and try try try" I know we can't lose the faith for love!


6.Single Ladies
  No need to explain, cuz the song name explains all!

7.Dancing on my own

No date for clubbing, then dance on your own cuz you are the diva of yourself!

8.I love it

I don't care what people think of me, because I LOVE IT!! This was my beloved party song of 2013, but still really classic for now!
這首歌真的很洗腦好聽,是我票選派對前幾名愛歌,在派對裡可以輕易跟著大喊I love it!(不是麥當勞I m lovin it喔別喊錯會很糗),年輕就是要猖狂一下,想做甚麼就去做,只因為我喜歡!
Shake your big booty and fuck those skinny bitches off the dance floor! haaaa no offense for skinny girls XD

The best company with single people is not a hot sex, alcohol but true friends! Wannabe is the best song to sing with your sis! Be happy that you still have them around you and fuck off those bad cheaters! Just like Sex and the City said"Men come and go, but women stay." BFF!!


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