Denim shirt is my best friend! 一年四季都好配的單寧襯衫穿搭

Denim shirt is always must have shirt in the closet. I search for if this half year, still can't find the right size and the right texture I want. First we can see how celebrities wear this.
牛仔襯衫已經是今年發燒到不行的單品,每個品牌都在出,每個部落客都在分享,身為時尚前線的我(自己好意思說) 當然不能落後阿,而且牛仔襯衫可以單穿也可當外套穿,CP值很高,只是我這半年看許多品牌不是太貴,不然就式材質太軟不夠挺,太厚台灣穿會熱爆, 廢話這麼多先看看名人怎麼穿吧(男女都好穿)
I like Beckham's way to put the shirt inside the pants.
Rihanns's sexy style, but her hair is a little bit pity
I love Taylor's style making denim young and sweet. With the bracelet amd big glasses
Her ex Harry is also the big  fan of denim shirt.haha

My favorite outfit is from Miranda! Denim should make people comfortable and easy. I like the way she uses hat and scarf to pop out. Not too much effort but still stylish.
Of course, my favorite Alexa Chung is always stylish. High waist skirt makes her taller. But I think now she is too skinny. Girls, everyone's figure is different, and don't be too obsessed about the body of model or celebrities, because you are born this way and you should cherish your body you received from ur parents.
now it's time to show my outfit~
Who say's there is no good stuff in Primark~ Last week in London, I accidentally found the perfect denim shirt for me, and it's only 12 pounds!!!! I almost screamed in Primark.
上禮拜在倫敦意外發現找了好久的單寧襯衫,在廉價賣場PRIMARK竟然找到超合身而且版型超好的牛仔襯衫,只要12磅耶 整個差點在PRIMARK尖叫~
With my beloved canvas shoes:P Now is time for my style~~
 The next day I immediately wore it to Harry Potter London park. With my beloved Marc~~
 Butter Beer(actually it tastes like sprite@@)
 King's cross station, pretending to be Harry
 My favorite style is with white T shirt. With the necklace and watch to dress me up~
 Definitely won't forget my favorite stripe~~I love Murphys Irish bar in Ireland
 You can even wear it inside the blazer with sweater. Still Chic XDDD with my light green loafers
 Thank you Aine and your whole family who show me the best part of Ireland
With my Penny's necklace which I wear it everyday now :P love it!!
 Even cooking I still want to be fabulous
Thank you Bernice :) I will miss the time of watching Gossip Girl together~
 Thank you all for my goodbye dinner :)
 好友幫我送行阿~~感謝你們 搭配我最愛的義大利小包~
With my dutch friend saying goodbye to me :)
跟麻豆朋友合照,剛好他也穿牛仔呵呵 接下來是這禮拜的農村時間了
 I haven't seen the real grassland with cows!!!!
 Because in the farm, I can wear my rain boots and H&M shorts:P
My first time for mountain biking
Now I will give everyone the present~
Sexy Beach picture haaaaaaaaaaa~I should create the song bitch on the beach~LOL
Taiwanese pop song for the ending :P