Stripe Tank Top & Kinderdijk! 背心穿搭和鹿特丹小孩堤防交通功略!

Hello, everyone, sorry for late update. Last week I went ot London and this week was in Ireland for last trip. Now I am in Rotterdam, packing my stuff to go back to Taiwan.(SAD) today I will mix the outfit sharing and travel experience in Kinderdijk, the world heritage place of famous Dutch windmill!!!
大家真抱歉,上禮拜在倫敦和愛爾蘭旅行順便拜訪朋友,所以遲遲沒有PO文,今天來上傳夏天必備的單品坦克背心穿搭加上小孩堤防功略! 讓大家輕鬆能到達小孩堤防~又能時尚美美~
 Tank top is always the must-have item in the closet. The key of tank top is that you need to have a slim arm to make you look lighter. I highly suggest to do some push-ups:) To let tank top not that boring, I prefer to use bright color accessories to pop it up. With this year's trendy sneaker, everyone can be stylish but comfortable.
running like a neon light~
Use cardigan to make tank top more formal~
 All H&M in Rome!
 IBA farewell Party
 My good friends from L.A~
 Luv u Kocine~~ Wish u all luck in Beiging and New York~
I love to use blazer to make tank top not that boring. I love my Little Marc :)
necklace& string/Vintage in Italy
 Shoes/ Barleys Corn
Sunglasses/ Street vendor
Bag/Marc By Marc Jacobs
Now it's time to go to Kinderdijk!!
 My beloved Erasmus bridge. Most beautiful bridge in the world, full of my exchange memories.
 My tip is take the boat!!!! The traditional way is always taking metro and waiting for the bus. However, I found out taking the boat is the fastest! Go to Erasmusbrug waterbus stop. Next to speedo and Erasmus Bridge. Took 20 to Ridderkerk, and then transfer the small boat there, you can get to Kinderdijk in around 40 mins! only in certain season. See the website 荷蘭朋友之前告訴我可以搭船,我努力上網查詢和用9292.nl發現真的搭船最快只要40分鐘,還可以享受在船上馳騁的感覺,先到erasmusburg港口站搭船20號到Ridderkerk轉小船就到小孩堤防囉,票可以在船上買,來回大概9歐左右,小孩堤防是不用門票,除非你要進風車裡面~網址如上
Then I will use pictures to explain the trip
 Hope in the future we can afford water taxi~!
水上計程車超炫 以後存錢吧~
 My good Dutch and Indian friends Bowe, Pradeep and pretty Pauline
 Actually it's still quite cold! What the hell of Rotterdam's weather, I am still wearing my winter jacket now@@那天也是有點冷但是大晴天,現在鹿特丹又冷的像冬天@
 Strike a Pose 時尚100分
 Too much....太多了@
 I love Holland 我愛荷蘭
My school!! Erasmus! 我的學校EUR~
 this is the boat to transfer to Kinderdijk轉乘小船到小孩堤防
Follow the instruction on the road~路上都有很清楚的指標,不會走丟的!
 When I saw the windmill I was still impressed because it was so quiet and beautiful. I could still remember the first time I saw Kinderdijk when I was 14. World Heritage!! 我看到的時候還是會挖的一聲驚嘆,國中看過就很喜歡,把握最後一個禮拜再去看都還是很值得!
 the reflection of the windmill is amazing! 風車倒影真的很荷蘭,誰說鹿特丹無聊,小孩堤防就可以打趴許多阿姆斯特丹的景點~ 真的很道地遊客也不會到很多! 世界遺產耶!!
 在這邊騎單車感覺也不錯 如果有單車是可以放在船上的喔!
 I was really happy to see the same thing from my childhood!
 I think they are not ready~
 they even have lots of ducks~!荷蘭生態不錯 這邊到處都是鴨子不怕人 ~
 Stereotype of Holland. Stroopwaffle+Windmill only lack of 50 cent toilet我最愛的楓糖餅加風車
 Thank to all my friends for going with me :)
感謝好友陪我一起去玩耍 :) 
Last I will show the picture 7 years ago to be the contrast. It was my first time in Holland. I was really depressed because of the bully from other teenagers. They always laughed about my slightly girly actions. I was really sad and this was the only picture I took for myself. Now, 7 years after, I got the exchange in RSM to revisit Holland again. This time, everyone is so multicultural and they always treat others with high tolerance, respecting different personality and ethnics. I just wanna say, I felt so lucky to meet a lot of friends from exchange, and I will cherish those beautiful moments in my mind. I want to say to all the kids that no matter what people say to you, follow your true heart and love yourself. You are born to be unique and beautiful. No one has the right to bully you. Be stronger and confident, and in the future you will shine like a diamond because you are so special.
Alex Shih