The fashion world of Jean Paul Gaultier in Kunsthal

From February, there are lots of stripe hitting Rotterdam from the street stick to Euromast. Guess what? Jean Paul Gaultier is coming to Rotterdam in Kunsthal!!! here is the intro video.
 OK, I should upload them earlier, but I was too busy traveling to update it. Sorry for that. I used the Rotterdam Pass, so it's only 2 Euro!! The ticket price you can look via the website here. Kunsthal.  I will show some pictures I like from total 135 pieces for exhibition. I only pick some because I highly recommend to go the real dress. When you see those creative idea from JPG, you will be stunned at those gorgeous designs.
 Euromast with stripe(That day is snow rainy@@)
here we are!!! Kunsthal!! 
My Irish Blair--Aine :)
This one I like the details in the corset. It's really feminine. I remember this series is Virgins collection(Madonna's collection) Pure and also stunning.
detail in the corset
the interesting part is the face is by projection like this video.(If you plan to go don't watch itXD)
kinda creepy actually haaaa but so creative!
I love this one, like a snake!
Mermaid series(the purse is so cute, wanna have it!)
Jean Paul Gaultier say hi! My dream is to see him in person! I am obsessed with stripe like him
 This gown is made of lace, making stripe not just leisure, but formal wear!
Mermaid 2 ha ha!
This man wearing bra photo is shoot by the famous Steven Meisel who shoot lots of photos for VOGUE. JPG is a real pioneer for male wearing female cloths.
When talk about JPG, the most famous design is the cone bra for Madonna in 80's!! It was so creative and opened the style of wearing bra outside. Wear the cone bra to be the light spot!
Sexy Madonna and other cone bra collections
Even for the pregnant women! The kid inside must be so fashionable LOL
 this series are discovering the beauty of the body.
This one Noami Campbell once wore it. I think you need to be brave to wear it.(海草裝)
When I saw this, I immediately think of one celebrity....
Taylor Momsen! My little J in gossip girl now turn to wild J @@
Then here are Punk with Scotch pattern series. 
I want this bomb clutch, so I can throw to my friend in the party haaaaaaa
From head to toe are all Chidori Pattern. Lady Gaga wore this pattern by Salvatore Ferragamo,
This one is I love Paris!! with the beautiful Eiffel Tower in the back. My favorite piece.
I guess JPG shosw this because this exhibition is in Holland. LOL
Dum Dum Gum Gum series for aboriginals
The super model Lara Stone!
This one is the most powerful outfit here I think. Simple outline but with fancy feather fringes. I will choose this to attend the Fashion show. ha ha  
Chinese style(I wonder if you can climb the mountain with this. just joking)
The boots are nice
I don't know why this outfit keep reminding me of Kylie Minogue!!

Those video is all JPG related and quite interesting. 
 My first day is wearing rain boots cuz the shit snow.
The shop almost made me scream!!!!! and shout like a Britney B*****
Today dress code is Stripe!!
We went to the cafe and they are all in stripe!! The food is quite healthy and tasty.Happy Brunch
and then Thanks to Aine to be my photographer! Make me like a real bloggerXD
The only thing I bought is the JPG shopper and the classic sketch of cone bra post card.
Hope you guys like this article :) 


I planned to write also about this exhbition on my blog, but I really like your post, so I'm not sure to write about it anymore =D
It's the best exhibition have seen.
Alex Shih寫道…
Alex Shih寫道…
Ha ha Thanks for your support! I just try my best to show the exhibition! I really like JPG for these collections! I will post more fashion stuff again :) Happy to know you like it ~