10 Best songs for winter 年底前必聽十首好歌(包括Adele最新單曲Hello)

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After Busy working for fashion week(Online Media is like fighting with time cuz everything needs to be the latest for readers), I can finally have time to calm down to write something for you guys. This winter, there are so many good songs coming out including artists like Adele, Justin Bieber and a lot. Now I will share 10 of my jams for you. Get a hot tea and book while listening to these amazing songs!

之前忙於時裝週,每天連週末都要隨時待命(數位媒體很辛苦啊),現在終於可以喘息一下好好休息享受週末,今年冬天雖然很快就來了(北京現在10度以下),但也意外發現最近好多新歌很好聽,尤其當adele宣布新歌時我整個都要在電腦前面尖叫了!大學四年聽過rolling in the deep就一直對她念念不忘,新歌hello也同樣沒讓人失望,話不多說趕快把這些歌放入歌單,泡杯熱茶,看本書享受音樂饗宴吧!

1. Adele "Hello"
This album according to her is like an 'Make-Up' comparing to last album 'Break-Up.' The first song 'Hello' is like a healing melody for heart break, giving you the energy to get stronger again,

2. Justin Bieber "What Do You Mean"
I mean Justin Bieber may seem like spoiled child, but his song is still so catchy and making your ear refresh with his unique music style. This song is my favorite while running in the fields.

3. Hudson Thames "How I Want Ya"
This song is so hipster style! It sounds like a boy holding a cap, and singing at your house party! This song will make you relaxed and happy for whole day!

4. Ellie Goulding "On My Mind"
Why I got this song on my mind~~~(from the lyrics) This music video is kinda weird, but the single itself is really catchy and perfect for monday morning! (You can walk like a supermodel with this song playing in your head)
這首歌on my mind就是一首很diva的歌曲,有別於以前Ellie的小鳥呢喃唱法,這首歌多了點布蘭妮他們的舞曲感覺(雖然她沒跳舞),很適合週一心情不好聽,會很有精神瞬間變婊哈哈哈哈!!!

5. Chainsmokers "Roses"
Last year their Selfie song became the must-play in every clubs, and this year they bring you this amazing "Roses"! With electric background, but super elegant vocals (Like a Rosy fairy singing) makes this song perfect for clubbing and drinking with friends.

6. A Trak "We All Fall Down"
I found this song while running! This song is with quick tempo, strong vocal performance, making this song perfect for workout.

7. Matoma "Old Thing Back"
This song gives me the same retro feeling like "Uptown Funk",back to the old time, using big speaker, having fun outside! Try this song and you will definitely get good mood~
這首歌有點像uptown funk有著濃濃的復古感,一聽就有古早那種手提式大喇叭播放的感覺,適合在戶外烤肉還是跟朋友野餐的時候聽~

8. Macklemore " Downtown"
My favorite rap singer Marklemore brings his new song back!! This song still use the way  what "Thrift shop" mixed modern singing skills and old rap. Love Eric Nally' screaming "Downtown", making this song fun!

9. Shawn Mendes "Stiches"
First, I need to admit Shawn is so handsome that I need to recommend him for you girls! Other than that, his song is a bit like Ed Sheeran like pure voal performance with little background music. This song is really catchy and can be played for several times!
小鮮肉Shawn真的很帥,完全就是我的菜!!好啦撇除這個,他的歌曲很像早年的Ed Sheeran單純的吉他背景跟純淨的唱腔,在最近電音盛行的日子,這首歌更顯得難得好聽啊!很適合小清新們聽

10. Lunchmoney Lewis "Whip it"
I still remember this song gave me a lot of energy when I was quite sad during my first time in Beijing. The rhythm is really encouraging! So when you face the pressure and unhappy things, just whip it and enjoy the moment for yourself!

大家有什麼好歌也歡迎留言交流一下 :) 冬天很冷但我會陪你們大家一起度過~

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