Sporty baseball cap OOTD 春夏運動風穿搭分析

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Summer is the season for sporty outfit!!!
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Unlike last year's luxury sporty trend with more embroidered items , this year's is really getting physical with really sporty details like baseball cap, oversized trousers or mesh fabric to emphasize the exercise look.
The 2 key style of 2015 SS are Bohemian & Normcore Sporty. Bohemian is more for long hair, skinny girls (Cuz all the loose dress and chiffon obviously will make you look bigger). However, Normcore sporty is easier for every figure and those comfy sporty items are really easy to wear for travel or work. No matter what, just pick the one suits best and you will be the shining star of the season! 
This is more 2014, feminine look with trainers by Chanel 
this is more 2015 with Normcore style and louse trousers pic from here

This is the hat I love from Fanatics ! I love Red hat because it can light up your total outfit without any efforts. Sometimes if you are not that bold to wear outrageous (Should I use this word XD) outfit like fashion bloggers, you can buy these accessories to light your #OOTD!!
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外面可以先罩著Denward牛仔襯衫,別忘了用我的折扣碼 alex
and then use all Adidas items & Fanatics hats to finish your summer look! You can choose more Boston Red Sox hats from there website!
上面就是我所選的夏日穿搭,以 Fanatics 的棒球帽,再加上全部Adidas的裝束悠游夏日,除了這款棒球帽外還可以去他們官網看更多紅襪隊的球帽!

With my favorite Summer playlist for this OOTD配上我最近超愛的夏日歌單給大家

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