Clutch me everyday! 街拍必備創意手拿包

Pic from Grazia France bag brand gelareh mizrahi 

Clutches are not newbies for fashionistas. However this year they came in a different form to take over street snap. Not everyone is brave enough like Anna Dello Russo wearing whole crazy outfits, so they turn to special clutch for help. No matter the creative shape(Egg, Heart, Lips) or bold patterns & wording. Get rid of your shyness, and grab a clutch to lift up your outfit & your mood.

Pic above from Vogue.Com
 Pic from here

 The pioneer of these bags could be Olympia Le tan's book clutch
 Pic from here

Anya Hindmarch wasn't really popular for a while, but these years their accessories have successfully taken over Instagram. No matter the candy bag, or breakfast set(leather sticker as well), they all make people love this brand again!!
以前Anya Hindmarch沈寂了一陣子,幾乎在時尚周都沒什麼人在關注,這幾年他整個從社群媒體紅回主流媒體,超有創意的設計像是糖果袋,工人施工,到皮革貼紙,早餐盒每個都愛到不行(但價格真的是不太可愛)

Now it's shopping Time! Here are creative bags I select for you :)
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Styling Tip: If you bring these clutches, you better wear simple sharp outfit to make the bags stand out.

I love their zip clutch with bold color, and most of all, perfect price!!!

you can shop them in Taiwan already! 
這個牌子以前就很愛,現在竟然已經進駐台灣了!在SOGO 復興館有空直接去逛逛吧

3.Olympia Le Tien 

3.Anya Hindmarch

10. Kate Spade

11.Athena Chuang

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