Put your Cape on 火紅秋冬單品斗篷穿搭

Put your cape on boys & girls! This A/W is the stage for capes & ponchos! Having noticed cape outfit & poncho outfit for so long, I find out not only models on runway but celebrities on the street all starts to wear capes & ponchos. After big brands like Burberry personalized ponchos, this trend is only get hotter & hotter!
SJP wearing this poncho makes her PERFECT!  Pic from Dailymail
 Olivia no doubt succeed again with poncho  Pic from fashionbomb
Olivia wearing cape just like me!!!(ok I am the copy cat LOL)Pic from here
Blair with cape is the EPIC fashion moment in Gossip Girl!!!!!
斗篷穿搭祖嬤級應該是Gossip Girl的Blair,搭配帽子整個俏麗卻又不失典雅氣質
Of course our it girl Duma wears the cape during the fashion week
Also our Chiara definitely tried cape by Louis Vuitton ~Pic from here
Pic from here
 Emma Watson Pic from here
 Russian it girl Lena Perminova Pic from here
Gwen nailed this outfit as well Pic from here
After seeing all celebrities wearing, It's time my turn!
STYLING TIP: With cape, other things should be simple and tight to show your figure. Best with a cool-designed hat to lighten your whole outfit. Heels are definitely the plus for you! 
接著當然是我的示範時間!決定開始以國際部落客的規格,感謝攝影師好友 Brian
 I felt like Little Red riding hood while photo-shooting~
拍攝過程中真的覺得自己好像小紅帽,第一次拍照表情還要加強,請多多包涵 :)

 I bet thousands of people will say: WTF while seeing this photo above. LOL
我想很多人看到上面這張會想說WTF 哈哈哈哈,給大家娛樂一下

Photography by Brian Chen

Alex Shih
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