10 must-have items in your closet衣櫥裡必備的10件經典時尚單品

Recently, Due to a lot of friends turning to me for styling tips, now I am going to announce my 10 must-have items for both women and men. These are the clothing which is more classic and not that easy to get out of style.

Item Pics below all from ASOS
1.White Shirt 白襯衫
No matter you are working or not, you always need a shirt fit with your shoulder line.

2.Striped Shirt 條紋衫
Striped shirt is always my love and it's fashion world's love, too. It is so classic like what I wrote in my previous article.

3.Blazer 休閒西裝外套
Blazer is the must have as well! No matter for business meeting or casual, it will always make you look professional!

4.Skinny Jeans 窄管牛仔褲
Skinny jeans can make your legs look longer. You can wear it anytime just with a white T-shirt and look chic.

5.Colored Trousers 窄管色褲
Colored trousers are really a good choice for men. Cuz men can only wear pants or shorts, so the color could make the whole look pop out.

6.Little Black Dress 小黑洋裝 (男生就是成套西裝)
LBD, without doubt, is always classic thanks to Coco Chanel. Men we should get a good suit to attend formal occasions.

7.Biker Jacket 騎士外套
Check my previous article for biker jacket history. Biker jacket can always make you look cool and wild.

8.Cardigan 針織衫
Cardigan can make your outfit look effortless and relaxing. BTW, in fall or spring changeable season, cardigan will be your best friend.

(Pic from Saint Laurent and Chloe Moretz)
9.Patterned dress or T-shirt for men圖案洋裝 (男生就是印花T桖)

10.Denim shirt 丹寧襯衫
Also see Denim shirt's history from my article. Denim shirt won't get dirty easily and light which is a really good item for every season no matter wear it as a shirt or like jacket.
丹寧襯衫不但耐磨,而且可單穿又能當外套的特性真的是超推!去年就有寫文章介紹丹寧襯衫了!!!And it is Hot this year again!!! I am like the style forecaster LOL~

Hope you all will enjoy this new kind of article!
Wish you all could find your classic pieces!

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