Trainers keep shining this year! 運動鞋風潮紅不停

This time, I add some special effect on my pics to make it looks more like a real fashion blogger.

The girl who brings this trainers style into the highest level is fashion blogger Susie bubble  I really like her blog with detailed explanation and lots of cool image she put to amaze the fans.
Because last few weeks the Chanel 2014 Haute-couture use trainers with gown!! Haute couture!! it matches so much with the gorgeous chiffon, lace and tweed. So feminine, but still with a little bit sporty and young. Love this comfortable trend for girls to walk easier!
My favorite Cara and Karl! Chanel classic tweed still suitable with trainers! but with skinny legs girl though!
Let's see how other people style themselves with trainers!接著來看網路人們怎麼穿
These men's style are awesome! Smart casual with trainers!這些男生的穿搭也超棒!休閒但時尚滿分
 This is my favorite outfit. As long as you wear it with tight jeans or cut skirts, you can pop out with these comfortable trainers. But the point is the color should better be bright and the design should be simple to make your trainers look like shoes, not like you are going to run the marathon immediately.
With blazer is suitable as well, like what I wear!
With my Diadora which is not too expensive, but look still chic and easy to walk with. Press the link to shop
我這次買的這雙義大利運動品牌Diadora 價格合理,而且真的好穿,運動也可穿!點連結可買
with my favorite skinny Uniqlo jeans and H&M bag and my stud bracelet新買的好穿緊身牛仔褲和舊包!
Tks to my best friend Rafael to be my photograph :) 感謝美術趕極佳的好友擔任攝影師
硬要假掰的跟隨披外套風潮,接著要來購物囉。Another trainers style~Now it's time for shopping!

3.New Balance是慢跑鞋的經典,

Let's see Chanel 14SS haute couture show! Love the way models walked down the stairs