Blue Blazer hits the summer! 我最愛的藍色西裝外套穿搭!

      Blazer is always hot for every season, no matter formal or casual. I like wearing blazer with T-shirt, making me look not that formal, but stylish. The best length of the blazer is around your butt, and don't pick the blazer too long to make u look shorter. Here are some celebrity wearing blazer and looking fabulous. I think the designer who is good at blazers is Stella McCartney. Her blazer is famous for simple outline and highly wearable. A lot of celebrity likes to wear
Gwyneth Paltrow
Rihanna with Oversize blazer  picture from coolspotter
SJP,  Wearing dress with blazer makes you feel less feminine and more different. I really like this kinda wearing, and girls, blazer will never go out of style! So go get it!

I got this gorgeous H&M blazer when I was in Paris!! It's half price, so immediately get it!! after checking the shoulder line fit or not, I immediately wear it that night!

I love my clutch so much!!! It is the vintage I got from Paris saint Paul area!
Then I wore it in the Erasmas Street Style party!! with my favorite bow tie:))
Charlie's Asian angels(we look stupid ha haXD)
Then it is the NFS Fashion show last Thursday. I was honored to be the host. I will write about fashion show later. It was so much fun! 
With beautiful singer Nina and Dutch Bruno Mars!
With talented designer Thuan and the models.
 Blazer will make u shine right like a diamond on the stage XD
After fashion show, I immediately went to Marseille to visit my friends Ludivine!!!!!!! My dress code is all blue to match the beautiful port of Marseille!
Hat, Blazer, Pants / H&M
Bag/ Longchamp
Top/ Forever 21
I love my friend Mia who always takes awesome pictures!
Then we went to the beach!!! It was a sunny day so I wear my favorite Havaianas flipflops~
1.2.3 JUMP
This one like a wedding picture LOL because not looking at the cameraXD
Then I changed to my new shorts from H&M, I have so many H&M, hope they can see me and I can get discount~~XDDD
Sometimes when it is really cold , you can wear blazer in the big coat to make u still look light inside!
I really like this shoes BarleysCorn, it is all leather and so comfortable to wear it for whole day
With my favorite Marc by Marc Jacobs!! I like him so much for always making Louis Vuitton not that conventional, but super modern and young!
Last I will post the picture from RSM. I really like this program I WILL, which helps me think about what we wanna be the future. Maybe it's too early to say I wanna dominate the fashion world, but as long as we have the dream, we have the right to say it out and try our best to achieve! Hope you will like this post, Please follow me on Fans club on the right of my blog:)
Alex Shih