2013 NFS Fashion Show!! First time to be the host! NFS時裝秀 第一次當秀場主持人!

     Now when I think of last Thursday 4/18 NFS(New Fashion Society) Fashion show, I still wanna smile and recalling those beautiful memories about being the Fashion show host!!!! I really want to thank to my friend Micky& Trang who are the founder of New Fashion Society. NFS Fans Page They gave me the best opportunity to be the host for their second Fashion show this year, and I learned a lot from it. Here is the invitation.
It's girls only night, so I become the only male host to entertain all beautiful young ladies~:)
Models in the backstage. Models' jobs are not that interesting as you think. They have to go do the makeup and hair at least 3 hours before the fashion show, There is a lot of idle time for them waiting for fitting the dress and getting makeup. Being a model is not that easy, you have to know catwalk and keep on a diet.(Though I think now the fashion model are all too skinny@)
When I saw Kroket, I immediately laugh!! I guess only in Holland fashion show will offer kroket. Usually in the backstage are some bananas, toasts or pizzas which are easy to eat. I thought it would be only salad to force models on a diet XDDDDD
Model doing hair
Backstage with lots of beautiful dresses. The staff are really stressful cuz they need to take care of all the shoes and accessories in the backstage. Without them, we can't have a perfect show.
This is my friend designer Thuan who is so talented!! All those dresses are hand made, and look like Haute Cauture! 
 Designers and his hot agent! ha
The Italian model who can speak Chinese but keep eating in the backstage. ha ha
Then, it's time for rehearsal!!!! They are so many models, so they need to remember their order and what to dress or they will screw up on the stage@@
A booth by M.A.C artists! Girls can have makeover there! so jealous~
Then, it's my job for being the host. Being the host is not that easy, not just talking on the stage. I have to interview all the designers and understand their theme or inspiration of the collection. The hardest part is to remember all their name in 3 hours! I really think NFS is a good society to help those young designers to make voice. Sometimes we should not just buy or focus on famous brand because those young designers are really talented and their cloth I believe is way more unique than big brand :) So get rid of Brand myth and creat ur own style !
This is the note I wrote. They will always be changes in the show, so I need to have high ability to deal with any kind of situation.
The advantage in backstage is to have pictures with models LOL
 Spice Girls
I am always generous for my girls' fansXDDD
So proud to have my name on the list :)
Then, the fashion show starts!!!! It was kicked off by me and beautiful singer Nina~
Thuan Design
Designer Jessica who gave the collection of unisex with gray and white
Winke..... the nudity collection full of skin color
I like to randomly bump into audience to ask them questionsXD
Carlton~~little Bruno Mars
Singer Annamarie who is really talented!
I want to hear u girls screamingXDDDD (Thanks to my friend coming to see me and yell for me)
The owner of the Hollywood Music Hall! He is so nice! He always encourage me in the backstage. Hope he will like me and hire me in the club to be their host~
Then it is the end of Fashion show. I really think NFS board paid a lot of efforts on this fashion show. though there are still some parts to improve, but it's just their second time! They are so nice to me with answering all my questions and helps me a lot.
After party with the singers~
Thank you Patrick who is the director and gives me lots of confidence:)
Thank you Micky and Trang to give me the best fashion show experience with host position!
Thanks Shanise, the NFS president now:)
Thanks for everyone to create this amazing fashion show :) 
Some photo are from Julian VH photography Julian FansPage & HollywoodMusicHall
I know everyone wants more, so let's end with my friend's video about Fashion show
Taylor is so handsome and talented, so follow him on Youtube Taylor Sandham
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Alex Shih